ECB Guidance : Concussion

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The player who is concussed is often not ‘knocked out’ but merely might seem slightly off-kilter, it can therefore be difficult to recognise a concussion. In these situations an umpire should seek medical advice/instruction. Similarly a coach should not expect a player to return to play unless he has been given the all-clear. Once a concussion is diagnosed, the brain takes time to recover, just like any other injury. It needs rest and then it will take six days for a graded return. This means they will not play any subsequent part in the game. The player will need to undergo a graded return to play.

  1. Umpires who are concerned should call the physio out on the field even if the player suggests they are ok
  2. If the player sustains a concussion or has a suspected concussion this can require 15 minutes to asses. Thus, if they are the last batsman, the innings will end.

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